Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy policy

This privacy policy will give you an outlook about, how accumulates and utilizes the data. It is applicable for every personal information you share, data reports, and anonymous data gatherings.

Data we collect.

We collect your username and email address once you are on our site and other personal information will be collected only if you allow us to.

Apart from that we also collect some invulnerable data like websites you visit, your IP address, your actions on our website with the help of cookies. We collect this data to improve the user experience.

What happens with the collected data?

As discussed above we collect data to intensify the user experience and in addition to that, we use this data to respond to your queries, to make sure that there are no system errors. We use your email to send product related information, send company news and updating you with day to day happenings.

With whom do we share this data?

We neither share your data nor do we sell. Keeping your data confidential is our primary duty. But there are few circumstances where we may expose your data:

  • If you perform any illegal actions through the site.
  • If we find your behaviour doubtful or harmful.
  • If any laws or statutes asks us to do.

Note: we are not responsible for the information you share on third-party sites.

Cookies policy

Cookies are micro files transferred by the service provider to your hard drive only in case if you allow cookies. Cookies are virus free and they do not harm your computer but they do collect some of your information like websites you visit, your mail and user id to improve the browsing experience.

If you don’t want cookies to enter, there is an option available to turn them off. But this may imply an effect on your user experience.