Complete Guide To Play Your Favorite Crypto Games at Casino Review

If you are looking for a great secure online casino with an amazing track record and an engaging community, then look no further than Crypto-Games.Net. They’ve been serving the crypto gaming community since 2014, making them one of the oldest, most-established institutions in the crypto ecosystem. Their Curacao eGaming license only adds to the level of trust that new players need to feel safe with any provider.

Their entire casino is powered by the raw goodness of mathematics and cryptography, which you can use to ensure that every game you play is provably fair.

The design and feel of the website are elegant and it is easy to navigate and explore the various options. There is a lot that this casino offers for players all around the world, and in this article, we will pick apart all of the different topics and discuss them in detail.


  • Monthly wagering contest
  • One of the largest faucet systems in the casino ecosystem
  • Tightly-knit Community
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Competitive Referral Program
  • Flawless Security and Fairness Reputation
  • Provably Fair Algorithms for all Games
  • Licensed Gaming Operator
  • 11 Cryptocurrencies
  • Completely Anonymous
  • Regular Events
  • Great Support via email and ZenDesk


  • Difficult to play on mobile via the website
  • There is no phone support
  • There are no Android or iPhone apps

What currencies are supported on Crypto-Games.Net

Crypto-Games.Net is a crypto-only casino, just like the name suggests, and they accept 11 different cryptocurrencies as deposits. In addition, they can also facilitate withdrawals in the same cryptocurrencies on demand.

Supported Cryptos

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Litecoin
  4. Dogecoin
  5. Monero
  6. BitcoinCash
  7. EthereumClassic
  8. Dash
  9. NeoGas
  10. Stratis
  11. Peercoin

In addition to the cryptos mentioned above, the casino also provides you with the ability to test out the games using their proprietary PlayMoney token, which can be generated indefinitely from the faucet system on the website.

The PlayMoney token is a real token by the way, and the internal exchange features are available for players to exchange this “test” token to real crypto.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The casino generates a wallet for you from the moment you access the deposit or withdrawal options. From there you can deposit freely and withdraw once you have enough in your account to pass the minimum. From their website, we learn the following information regarding minimum deposits and withdrawals.

The minimum deposits are as follows:
Bitcoin 0.0001
Ether 0.01
Litecoin 0.01
Ether Classic 0.02
Dogecoin 100
Monero 0.01
Bitcoin Cash 0.001
Dash 0.01
Peercoin 0.1
Stratis 0.05
GAS 0.02
Lower amounts will not be credited to your account.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.002 BTC or altcoin equivalent.

Internal Exchange

The website also has an exchange feature that enables players to exchange one crypto to another, according to the internal exchange rates that the casino offers. Unless it is calculated in the exchange rates, it seems that the casino does not charge any fee for performing the exchange operations.

What games can I play on Crypto-Games.Net?

There are seven games available on the platform for your gaming pleasure:

  1. Dice
  2. Slots
  3. Blackjack
  4. Roulette
  5. Video Poker
  6. Plinko
  7. Lotto

Each and every one of them is secured with the provably fair algorithm, which enables you to check the fairness of any bet and outcome. Six of them are available in all 11 cryptocurrencies that are accepted by the casino, with the only exception being Lotto (which is only playable with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin).

Their games are extremely popular and need no extensive introduction, but we will include a short intro for players that are encountering them for the first time.


This is not your typical game of luck and probability which commonly uses a six-sided die. This game was born and molded by the crypto community, as it uses a highly customizable interface that helps you set the odds and rewards properly. As the player, you have the ability to set a target anywhere between 1 and 100, and bet on the dice rolling a number above or below.



This widely recognized casino game is a favorite of many and is considered one of the main games where winning against the house is possible in a traditional setting. Similarly, in the digital version of Blackjack you play against the house and there are two ways to win. First, you can make a hand better than the dealer (who has to stop at 16 or above), or you can get the dealer to bust. If your hand is weaker and the dealer doesn’t bust, you have lost your bet. The payout is 1-1, except in the case of a blackjack (opening hand of 21) which would net you double the wager.



Another widely appreciated game on a global scale, Roulette is probably one of the most interesting ways to test your luck. The game is traditionally played on a table, where numbers between 0 and 36, each with their color. Some versions of the game have a double-zero, which lowers the odds to win on even bets, but Crypto-Games.Net incorporates the fairer version, where the house does not have this additional edge.

The game is simple, you place a bet and a ball is spun. If it lands on a number that you’ve bet or otherwise fulfills the conditions of your bet (black/red), you win! The odds and payout ratios are quite different, but the casino has made sure to include all of the information on their website.

Video Poker


Playing poker against the house is impossible, but that was only true before the invention of video poker. While it does not offer the full experience of playing poker in a 6-man or 9-man setting, this is a game where you can leverage your existing poker knowledge and profit! The goal of this version of poker is to have a hand that is stronger than a pair of Jacks. Anything less won’t cut it, but the rewards grow exponentially depending on the difficulty of creating the hand.



Be warned! Plinko is extremely addictive. Originating from Japan, the game is so popular there that they have entire parlors that are allowed to operate, despite the fact that gambling is considered illegal. This very simple game can keep you entertained for hours. The way it works is you place a bet, and a ball is released from the top of the board where it randomly lands to select a multiplier by which your winnings are calculated.


The national craze of every country which sees millions of players contributing to the lottery every week. Similarly, all of the CGN players contribute to the lottery hosted by the casino. Purchase your ticket, and wait for the drawing date to see if you are the winner! Doesn’t get more simple than this.

Security at Crypto-Games.Net

When you first enter the casino, an account is automatically generated for your session, but in order to truly benefit from their security as well as the loyalty program, vivid community, investment opportunities, and competitive referral program, you will want to claim your account.

Claiming your account is easy and simple. Just go to the options and assign an email, password, and activate 2FA for maximum security. This will ensure that you and only you will be able to access your funds.

Cyber-security wise, Crypto-Games.Net hasn’t had any issues with hackers, and other than routine maintenance downtime, there haven’t been any incidents since the casino went operational.

If we were giving any awards for cybersecurity, Crypto-Games.Net would be one of the prime nominees, likely to earn the award.

Crypto-Games.Net Support

The support staff is available 24/7 through email and ZenDesk tickets. Looking at their BitcoinTalk thread, many questions and issues have been promptly answered with genuinely helpful messages.

We are confident that any issue you may experience the support team will be there to assist you and help you sort out the situation.

Loyalty Program

One of the reasons for the tightly-knit community on the website is the loyalty program. It measures various player statistics and enables them to rise through the ranks, earning better faucet conditions along the way.

The players are measured on the following statistics:

  • Wagered (BTC-value)
  • Invested (BTC-value)
  • Referral commission (BTC-value)
  • Messages on chat
  • Loyalty (days)


The faucet is one of the best in the industry, offering players that have achieved the top levels to request 0.00006150 BTC with every faucet request up to 60 times in a single day. That’s pure value right there, and a solid reward that is shared with the most loyal players on the website.

Investing in the Crypto-Games.Net Bankroll

Crypto-Games.Net is a community casino and this is most obviously seen by the fact that more than 3000 BTC across the board have been invested by community members in all of the 11 accepted cryptocurrencies.

In return, they share the risks and rewards with the operators of the casino, in proportion to their investment. For example, if the casino has earned 5 BTC and you have invested 50% of the total bankroll, your investment will grow by 2.5 BTC.

Investing also contributes to your Loyalty level, increasing your faucet ability.

Referral Program

Crypto-Games.Net is incentivizing content creators, influencers, and pretty much anybody that enjoys the casino to share it with their friends, followers, and contacts. In return, the casino shares 25% of the house edge for every bet that individuals using your referral link.

The referral program encapsulates all games and all currencies.

Anonymity features

If you desire to be anonymous, this website offers you all of the amenities that are necessary for such a maneuver. You can hide all of your recent bets, investments, profit, nickname on leaderboards, and top rolls.

With these features, you can completely separate your assets from the community engagement aspect of the casino, and enjoy an equalized interaction with other players.


We’ve mentioned this a couple of times in this review, but it seems that Crypto-Games.Net has a great community. The chat and the moderators are constantly communicating using the website’s features, where they discuss topics, brag when making huge wins, or complain when they lose by a thread. The casino rewards engagement by improving the rank of players that chat, increasing their abilities to request crypto from the faucet.

For people that enjoy interacting with others, this may be one of the most attractive features of the casino, as people have made real friends and rivals on the platform. That only shows how passionate the conversations get, but worry not, the moderators are there to prevent anybody getting verbally assaulted and eliminate unnecessary profanity. (we tested it)

Crypto-Games.Net Overview

All in all, Crypto-Games.Net is a great casino choice for the gaming enthusiast! Their excellent design and game selection can contribute to hours of fun or a simple getaway from the mundanity of day-to-day life.

No matter your taste in gaming, Crypto-Games.Net can provide you with what you need, along with the community to share your amazing wins and losses. The casino operators have taken great lengths to ensure a safe and fun experience for you, and they are consistently coming up with ways to nurture the player base.

Whether this means regular contests or a spin-off event that happens once a year to commemorate a global holiday, the management is precisely focused to provide you with the best of experiences.

They are active across all social media, and the BitcoinTalk forums, through which they share all of their latest promotions, the winners of various contents or lottery drawings, and generally communicate with their community.

The website has been around since 2014 and we can understand why. Playing at the casino for a couple of hours to get the feel for it, we engaged with the other players and tried out all of the games. We really love Plinko and Dice!

Crypto-Games.Net gives us the impression of an extremely fair, down to earth, and a product of love. That’s why we are really excited to share this article with you and we hope to see you playing alongside us right there on the website.

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