Bitcoin Betting – How to bet with Bitcoins? A complete Guide from Experts.

The Cryptocurrencies along with the blockchain technology have lent themselves perfectly towards the Bitcoin betting.

The fast and instant deposits along with withdrawals and the permissive legal frameworks, along with unparalleled privacy of information combines together to create an optimum environment for the online sports gamers and the gamblers.

Website Review

Each site is accessed on how easy it is to navigate through them and look for the features the players are in need of. During the process, the look, feel, and structure of the site’s interface is also accessed.

Creating a new account on each and every site and then evaluate the registration process by taking a special note of how much personal information do the players need to disclose.

There should be nothing that which stands between the player and the casino they are trying to explore which is the reason why the functionality should be the top most priority for all the bitcoin gambling casino sites. Even more important is about the privacy and the data security of the players.

If the casino takes less information to create an account, the better it is. In most of the casino site all that is required is an email address and the phone number for the verification process.

Games Overview

A good casino should actually offer its players a wide range of sports, leagues, and various betting options. An award of extra credit should be given to the casino that which supports an obscure sports and that which takes the exotic wagers such as betting on politics or the TV shows. The variety of betting options is also an important factor to assess the Bitcoin site.

Before creating an account with casino site, the players should check out whether the site takes bets on the players preferred sport or league.

The best Bitcoin casino site provides a huge variety of betting options; it is one such the thing that separates a good site from the truly amazing casinos. Few gamblers like to wager only on the winners or the losers, while the others like to take a risk and be more exotic or make more educated bets.

Bonuses and Promotion Offers

Most of the casinos advertise a special bonuses and promotional offers to its players. Each and every offer need to be analyzed so as to sort the substance from creating hype.

In most of the cases, the welcome bonus is the important and special offer for the new players, but there are often loop holes seen in the fine print, which is why a careful scrutinize on the terms and conditions is required.

It is also important to determine whether the site offers a loyalty program for its VIP customers and also need to assess the all-time sensitive and seasonal offers they provide.

Most of the Bitcoin sports betting casino sites offer its new players some sort of the welcome bonus. Usually this is done by matching the player’s first deposit with the bonus available in crypto funds.

Of course, there exists no such thing called as the free money; the players need to check the conditions attached to these bonuses which are often convoluted, and it can also be very difficult to actually get their hands on these funds.

The most common restriction which is seen on withdrawing the bonus funds is the wagering requirement. If the player receives 0.5 BTC in their bonus funds with a 40x wagering requirement, it means that they will have to wager 20 BTC on the casino site before they can withdraw their bonus funds.

Most of the Bitcoin casinos actually make it difficult to understand these conditions and the players need to be very careful.

Banking Methods

While assessing each site the players need to pay close attention to the deposit and the withdrawal procedures. Few factors such as the transaction time can be minimum or maximum with the deposits and the withdrawals. The fees also influence the assessment for each casino platform.

The players also need to assess on how each site stores their personal data. When it comes to the payment options, the players need to consider the site which supports multiple cryptocurrencies rather than only betting using the Bitcoin.


As said the whole point of these cryptocurrencies is to be a completely decentralized one and independent from the control of any governments or banks. This promotes anonymity and privacy on one hand.

But, if anything goes wrong, it makes almost impossible to get the help from the official channels. And that is the reason why the security of the players personal information is the highest priority when the player is choosing on which site to make their betting place.

Considering the nature of the cryptocurrencies, the site which is use by the player should not charge any fees for transferring the funds, and also they should not experience any kind of delays while depositing or withdrawing. These are few factors which differentiate the crypto gambling site from the fiat gambling sites.

Customer Support

The casino sites which provide a comprehensive FAQ page are often considered as the professional and trustworthy ones.

But if the FAQs on the page are not enough then that is where the players need to test the customer support available on their site. The players need to review and see whether the support team is responsive, polite, and also helpful.

With most of the casinos it could be a smooth sailing 100% of the time. Unfortunately, once in a while the players will encounter few issues and it is at those times that the 24/7 customer support is necessary.

Most of the Bitcoin gambling sites offer the live chat option with a human operator to it which has become the industry standard.


If the Bitcoin casino has a mobile app, then it needs to be tested. The players need to take note on what languages the website supports and they need to contact the customer support to verify about the restrictions provided for the players from different countries.

For the players who would like to monitor their bets options while on the go then a mobile app is the must-have. And, of course by placing the bets and reading the information in their own official language is always safer than to rely on the knowledge provide in English or some second language.

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